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[image: plume]Communiqué - September 29, 1997

Stories from the heart... of the family

Montreal, September 29, 1997: Are your parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in a few months, and are you still looking for "the" gift to celebrate the occasion? Did you ever think of offering them a book? Not just any book, but one that would be about their lives... their values... their passions... in fact, a book of their memories, which will be a delight to read and a precious keepsake for your family.

Through its "Autobiography" Series, les Editions Francine Breton will help you enrich your family's heritage and add to the history of your community. This service is designed for all children who would like to give their parents the very special gift of professional assistance in writing the story of their lives. It is also perfect for people who would like to leave a lasting, loving gift to their children, grandchildren, and friends.

How can you accomplish this? Says Francine Breton, "Simply by meeting with one of our professional writers, who will listen to you, record your spoken memories and anecdotes on tape, and then put these in a written form so that your own style and expression emerge strongly. You will be able to marvel: This is exactly how I wanted to say it! You will become the author of your own biography by recalling memories and gathering hand-written letters, diary entries, and photographs. Our staff will guide you through the process."

"Quite ordinary" lives can give rise to the most vivid and meaningful accounts that can be passed on and on... Your story will create that special link within your family's heritage. Thus the meaning of one life can never be forgotten.

If you have already started such a project by yourself, but have trouble editing or organising the material, les Editions Francine Breton can simplify the task by taking care of all the finishing details.

To find out more about services and rates, please give les Editions Francine Breton a call at 514-737-0558.

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