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[image: plume]Communiqué - November 16, 2010

The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood
The Extraordinary Journey of an Exceptional Woman

[couverture: The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood... by Jacques Hamelin with Melanie Coggan

Montreal, November 16, 2010: Publisher Francine Breton is pleased to announce the publication of the book The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood, the amazing story of a woman who was never prepared for corporate management, yet, forced by circumstances, she managed to create a distribution company of international stature.

Born in a modest neighborhood of Montreal at the turn of the economic crisis of the '30s, Jeannine Lacroix became fatherless at the age of four. Although she stayed in an orphanage and attended schools that failed to stimulate creativity, little Jeannine had an innate sense of organization and a remarkable ability to maintain her network of friends. Like many teenage girls her age, she cherished the dream to marry and have many children.

Fast forward. Fate decrees otherwise. Her husband dies, and as mother of a 15-year-old daughter, Jeannine Guillevin faces a serious dilemma: to sell at a discount the small business inherited from her husband or take the helm of it by leveraging the support of two dozen employees who would be left without jobs.

In the early '60s, the business world has nothing feminine. Quite the contrary. And feminist discourse is barely an echo in a society recovering from a period of "dark ages" where, armed with their accomplices, the State and the clergy had no use for women's rights, let alone their development, especially not in the business world.

Jeannine Guillevin would become the exception that proved the rule. Aware of her limitations, but also determined to succeed, the heiress to the electrical appliances store F. X., Guillevin surrounds herself with experienced advisors. She associates, consults, listens and, driven by intuition, makes decisions that some would characterize as bold.

As a result of imaginative but well considered acquisitions, the small company becomes big. Partnerships are negotiated, branches are located throughout the country, a collegial management style is encouraged ... Jeannine Guillevin Wood is selected Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year in 1984.

Journalist Jacques Hamelin's story of this woman's remarkable personal journey and professional success is especially inspiring, since Jeannine Guillevin Wood never sought the limelight or aspired to be a role model. It all happened naturally, as so eloquently related in the many anecdotes and testimonies of those who surrounded her. They leave no doubt that beneath Jeannine's simple and modest exterior lay remarkable intellect and flair.


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