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The NDG Monitor - October 29, 1997

Chance to put family stories into bound memories
by Monitor Staff, NDG

The stories that every family member remembers with fond memories can now be enjoyed by generations to come thanks to a new autobiographical writing service. Les Editions Francine Breton's autobiographical series is designed to enrich family and community history. A staff of professional writers help clients assemble their life through the written word as well as with photographs.

NDG resident Evelyne Hertel is one of Breton's two Anglophone writers. She either interviews family members or helps them shape any pre-written material into a more cohesive story.

Breton started the publishing company in 1996. She came up with the idea when she noticed how many people needed help putting their words onto paper and how enjoyable she found helping them. "It's not only a gift to their kids, it's a gift to themselves" said Breton. "When you start talking to a stranger about yourself, it's very therapeutic. It makes you feel good about yourself and what you've accomplished."

Breton produced her first family memory-book in April of that year and has since helped about 10 families turn their histories into cherished books. (...) For information about autobiographical series, call Les Editions Francine Breton at 514-737-0558 or: efb@efb.net