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The Nuns' Island Magazine - January 12, 1999

This is your life... Passionate Islander pens autobiography
by Ingrid Phaneuf

When Islander Pierre Labadie mentioned over 20 years ago that he would like to publish his life story, he had no inkling that one day his dream would come true. (...) Labadie's family is his main reason for writing the book, which includes a family tree, dating all the way back to the arrival of the first Labadie in Quebec in the 1600s. But family tree aside, the book concentrates mainly on the life of the author himself. "I wanted my grandchildren to know who I was and what my history in business was," explains Labadie. "I was always disappointed that I didn't know my grandfather better." (...) It was Rouleau (his life companion) who paid for the publication of the 210-page book and helped editors at les Editions Francine Breton collect the testimonies by friends and families which were included.