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[couverture: The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood, the Extraordinary Journey of an Exceptional Woman, by Jacques Hamelin with Melanie Coggan]

In the introduction, Jacques Hamelin writes: Nothing had prepared little Jeannine Lacroix, paternal orphan since the age of four, to become "Canadian businesswoman of the year" in 1984. It certainly was not her humble family environment, nor her schooling. Like most children growing up during the economic crisis of the 1930s, formal education was limited to a few years of secondary school. Furthermore, it was never her ambition to become a businesswoman. She had never even thought of it. At the time, few women did. As she grew up, Jeannine wanted first and foremost to start a family. But chance dictated otherwise.

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Her name is not known to the general public. And yet, for forty years, she was one of the most respected businesswomen in Quebec. After her death in December of 2009, Jeannine Guillevin Wood left behind a legacy of exceptional values: for her loved ones, human values; for the assistants and employees with whom she worked, business values.

When her first husband died in 1965, young Jeannine Guillevin's life was turned upside down. For her, taking over the small family business meant running many risks. The risk of making mistakes. The risk of failing. The risk of being cast aside by a field for which the term "businesswoman" had not yet even been imagined. But in spite of it all, she chose to charge forward and discovered talents and an inner strength that she had never suspected she had.

The tale of her career gives us insight into the Quiet Revolution of the business community in the sixties. A community in which she managed, without any fuss or unusual show of strength, to carve out a very desirable position for herself. Although she always credited her success to the loyalty of her employees, her coworkers instead remember an exceptional woman who, through the force of her character and her integrity, had the gift of making them see the value of a job well done.

The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood tells the story of the extraordinary battle of this fighter, this woman of heart, this truly remarkable lady.


For the author, Jacques Hamelin, knowing Jeannine Guillevin Wood turned out to be "a very rewarding life experience." A journalist by profession, he has worked freelance for the past few years. He has also devoted himself to bringing documentaries to life.


The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood
Hamelin, Jacques, 1947-
Coggan, Melanie, 1984-
Editions Francine Breton inc.
2010, Editions Francine Breton inc.
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The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood
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L'héritage de Jeannine Guillevin Wood