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The Legacy of Jeannine Guillevin Wood
by Jeannine Guillevin Wood

Here are some testimonials from readers inspired by this book. Read also the comments of our authors who share their success with the realization of their works.

Serge: Where I saw obstacles, she saw challenges. I reminded her that the name Guillevin wasn't widely known to the general public. It wasn't Brault et Martineau, the well-known furniture retailer. She retorted that her public was made up of electrical contractors and that she wanted to grow closer to them. [SERGE SAUCIER, President and Chairman of the Board of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton], excerpt, p. 63.

Lucien: Madam, in 1965 you were called on to take on the responsibility of managing Guillevin et Fils. It was a time when the term "businesswoman" was not only unheard of, it was incongruous. Mrs. Guillevin Wood, you remedied this omission with one argument, expertise, and one result, success. The company is now called Guillevin International. Canada's second largest distributor of electrical equipment. In 1990, you were included among the personalities of the decade in the business community. Today, we salute the pioneer in you, a Quebecoise who not only contributed to Quebec's economic development, but who, through example, paved the way for an even greater treasure: the women in business. [LUCIEN BOUCHARD, Prime Minister of Quebec National, Order of Quebec award ceremony], excerpt, p. 71

Henri-Paul: We all know people who started with more but ended up doing less. We also often see people who started with everything they needed to succeed, and did remarkable things. But it's rare to meet someone who started with so little, but went so incredibly far. [HENRI-PAUL ROUSSEAU, Power Corporation], excerpt, p. 161.

Soeur Claire: For me, Jeannine Guillevin Wood was a role model and natural leader, a visionary. For Sacré-Coeur, her financial and personal contribution was remarkable. She was a fervent supporter of the cause to which she had devoted herself, and she could be very convincing to potential donors. [SISTER CLAIRE of the Sisters of Providence congregation was chairwoman of the board for the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur at the time], excerpt, p. 167.

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