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Social media has turned the world into a small global village, where these means have been able to break down all restrictions and barriers, as they do not recognize geographical or spatial boundaries, and now you can, while sitting anywhere, communicate with anyone around the world, and know all the news that is going on the scene What are the benefits of social media?

Social networking sites have spread to a very large extent among individuals, as Facebook users alone have reached 1.5 billion users, and the number of individuals who use the Messenger application for free texting and video calls has exceeded 800 million people, and these numbers are increasing day after day. Among the most prominent benefits and advantages of social media are:

Knowledge: There is a lot of information that is circulated through the sites on a daily and continuous basis. We find that the news circulates through these sites at lightning speed, and is not limited to news only, as it is full of information in all fields, and this affected the level of knowledge and culture of individuals; knowing one piece of information per day in any field is sufficient for an individual to have a tremendous cultural wealth.

Exchange of ideas: There is a huge number who use these sites, and thus they can exchange ideas and opinions among themselves on various issues. • Breaking all barriers: Social media helped the sites. There is no longer a place for geographical and spatial barriers, so anyone can communicate with others no matter how far away from them.

Communicating with other peoples: This feature is the best in social networking sites, as it has been able to bring people closer together, and you can communicate with individuals from other countries, learn about their culture, ideas and beliefs, and some individuals use this to learn new languages ​​by communicating with People who speak that language are able to practice the language with them more, which increases their learning speed.

• Advertising and promotion: With the spread of these means, the idea of ​​using them in marketing and sales was born, as the idea of ​​e-marketing emerged, which is on its way to abolishing the traditional methods of marketing.

Creating jobs: Many new jobs have appeared in this field, which helps to some extent reduce the unemployment rate in countries. Providing opportunities for young people to express their ideas: With social networking sites and blogs, the world has become highly connected, as it is easy for anyone to express their ideas and gather those interested in them from all over the world.

Obtaining support and participation: Some research indicates that simply sharing and expressing a person’s problems and obtaining the support of others or hearing their experiences about the same problem and how to solve it makes it easier for a person to move past the experience better.

Getting job opportunities and marketing: According to the latest statistics, there is an announcement of 6.5 million job opportunities available on the com website, which is an example of a professional social networking platform that aims to connect job seekers and employers, and companies are using it as a tool to attract employees all over the world, in addition to The emergence of the so-called marketing skills, in which he uses social networking sites and blogs to highlight a person’s skills and document his achievements at work.

Opening new and great horizons for pioneering ideas: Social networking sites are one of the most important means of marketing used by large companies, young people and owners of new ideas to market their products and services, and they are the so-called e-marketing through social networking sites. One of the most major startups in this field is Social Bio Links which offer creation of Bio Links Pages & Branding

Creation of job opportunities and the emergence of new career paths: There are opportunities for full or part work, which many young people can do, such as: marketing content writer, marketing specialist social media platforms, graphic designer specialized in designing product ads on social media platforms.

Constant Connection with the World: In the past we didn’t have the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family when they were all in another country or city, but now it’s easy to connect with anyone anywhere. This opens up a lot of space to work and to take information from everywhere.

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